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  1. Triace Honda GX200 6.5hp Power Washer | Full-Control, High-Pressure Cleaning Hot
    Triace Honda GX200 6.5hp Power Washer | Full-Control, High-Pressure Cleaning
    As low as €1,223.85 €995.00
  2. Triace ACE Compact Electric Pressure Washer Portable, Heavy-Duty Home or Commercial Use | Trigger Gun, 900mm Lance, 10m Hose | 2-Wheeled Chassis
    As low as €1,414.50 €1,150.00
  3. Triace NLT2525 Tractor PTO Pressure Washer with NLT2525 Hawk Pump (540/1000 RPM) Heavy-Duty Farm & Equipment Cleaning | Pressure Gauge, Gun, 1200mm Lance
    As low as €1,125.45 €915.00
  4. Triace 13hp Interpump Gearbox drive
    €2,490.75 €2,025.00
  5. Triace 3WZ-3600AR
    €1,285.35 €1,045.00
  6. Triace 3WA-2800A
    €584.25 €475.00
  7. Triace Mini Hot
    €3,013.50 €2,450.00
  8. Triace 10hp Yanmar Diesel
    €3,997.50 €3,250.00
  9. Triace Loncin Diesel
    €1,838.85 €1,495.00
  10. Triace 13hp Interpump Gearbox drive
    €2,490.75 €2,025.00
  11. Triace 13hp Hawk Gearbox drive
    €2,453.85 €1,995.00
  12. Triace 13hp Hawk Gearbox drive
    €2,398.50 €1,950.00
  13. Triace 13hp Annovi Reverberi Gearbox drive
    €2,453.85 €1,995.00
  14. Triace 13hp Annovi Reverberi Gearbox drive
    €2,398.50 €1,950.00
  15. Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean 1450
    €1,045.50 €850.00
  16. Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean 1440
    €817.95 €665.00
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Find Your Power Washer With Triace

At Triace, we sell a wide range of power washers to suit the needs of industry, farms, and businesses across Ireland. With our top-rated catalog or pressure washers, you can find the solution that's right for you.

We offer pressure washers to suit a variety of purposes and budgets, and you can be sure that all of our products are high-quality and well-suited to help you tackle even the dirtiest of jobs!

Buy a Good Power Washer And Save Time And Money

Save time and money on cleaning by investing in a pressure washer from Triace. Whether you're looking for a small, portable jet washer for home use or a high-power trailer unit for farming, we can offer you the best solution. We can even create a totally customised washer in order to meet your specific needs.

We only offer appliances produced by the world’s leading manufacturers for you to pick from - so why wait? Browse through our selection of top-rate appliances today! We have chosen power washers designed by the world’s leading manufacturers for you to browse and compare today.

Different Types of Industrial Pressure Washers

Our pressure washers are available in different styles, sizes, and power settings. We specialise in a wide selection of electric, petrol and diesel washers - so you can choose a power washer that works with your power source.

Further, we offer portable washer for smaller, on-the-go jobs, or static and mountable power washers for larger industrial projects.

From mobile washers that utilise our revolutionary Speedclean concept, to static truck gantries, you can find a suitable power washer at Triace.

Which Powerwasher is Right for Me?

The power washer that is right for you really depends on personal circumstances. Are you looking for an industrial washer for large-scale clean down projects? Or, are you looking for a smaller, portable power washer to use in your garden? These factors, alongside your price budget, should guide your decisions.

Also, consider the features that you might need - are you looking to cover a large area? In which case, go with a power washer with a long hose.

Do you have heavy pollution to cope with? Shop our high-performance power washer range.

The strong water flow will break the layer of dirt into smaller pieces that are much easier to remove. Don't forget that many of our pressure washers are compatible with a range of accessories - also available on our online catalog - so you can mix-and-match to find the perfect solution.

Power washers are versatile pieces of equipment, so don't feel that that washer you buy is suited for just one job.

Compare our jet washers online today to see what could work for you.

Accessories for Washers

All of our products are available with a range of accessories and add-ons to further enhance their cleaning capabilities.

You can, therefore, customise your equipment for a particular job or project. Just a few of our accessory types include:

  • Nozzles - different nozzles for your pressure washer will enable you to reduce the angle as well as increase the power of the water stream

  • Hoses - you can change the length of your hose depending on the work that you are doing and the radius you want to cover

  • Detergents - some pressure washers are compatible with detergent which can speed-up the cleaning process. This can be useful for projects such as cleaning cars.

Shop now for power washers and accessories with Triace! Our easy-to-use online catalog lists all of the different accessories available and tells you which washers they are compatible with.

Different Uses for Jet Washers

Pressure washing is by far the easiest and most effective way to clean outdoor areas and equipment. You can remove dust, dirt and unwanted grime in a flash with our products.

Whatever the project, you're guaranteed to find a power washer from Triace suited to your needs.

Solutions for All Your Compressors Needs

You can pressure wash a wide range of outdoor equipment and buildings. Some of the most popular items to clean with a power washer include:

  • Gardening tools and machines

  • Farming equipment and machinery

  • Cars, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles of all sizes

  • Fences and garden walls

  • Bathrooms (grout and tiles)

  • Home exteriors

  • Driveways, patios, and steps

  • Patio furniture

  • Swimming pools

As you can see, there is no outdoor cleaning job that can't be streamlined by using a power washer. Shop now with Triace to find your jet washer today!

Custom Powerwasher

If you can't find a power washer that does what you're looking for, get in touch. At Triace, we are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and come up with a power washer tailored to your needs.

Be sure to visit our dedicated custom section, where you can view a sample of the recent bespoke power washer installations that we have created for customers just like you. Get in touch via our contact page to get started today and begin telling us about your custom-built power washer needs.

Shop Today With Triace - The Pressure Washer Specialists

You only have to compare Triace pressure washers to the competition out there to see that our washers truly offer some of the best value in Ireland. No matter the size or model you go for, they all have the power and versatility to save you both time and money on all of your cleaning jobs.

Our extensive catalog showcases the very best power washers on the market - so get shopping! We guarantee exceptional power washer products and customer service to match.

How Do I Shop for a Right Product?

Just like using our power washers, shopping with us is simple and easy to do! Use our secure shopping process to order our standard power washers right here on the site.

If you are looking for a custom jet washer, or are still unsure about which of our standard products would best suit your needs, contact us. We'll discuss your power washer requirements with one of our product specialists. For all of your power washer needs in Ireland, shop with Triace.

Safety Tips in Making use of a Power Washer

Power washers are available in your local home appliance store or can be bought these days via online. This machine is made to easily clear and get rid of unwanted surfaces like dirt and molds. They come in different types depending on how these machines are driven. Diesel power washers are slower in comparison to gas power washers. But gas power machines function better than electric washers. It would be ideal to use the gas type on huge areas and surfaces.

Cleaning up is made faster and easier by using these machines. Not just that, the machines don't harm our environment. There are no production of gas fumes by these machines.

Power washers are regularly used by many people but safety handling is sometimes neglected. Safetiness should not be ignored if you are utilizing a machine. The machine might look safe but one may get injured if not handled properly.

So, just before utilizing one, make certain that the manuals are read through. Don't regret it in the end, it's far better to avoid injuries.

Powerwashers Workplace is Off Limits to Kids

All of us know this basic safety tip. Children must be prohibited to go near the machine whenever cleaning using it. If it's unavoidable that kids can go near the workplace, advise them dos and don'ts such as not touching the nozzle or getting near the trigger gun.

Kids should also be totally protected by putting on protective gear like gloves and eye goggles. Indeed, a really beneficial precautionary measure.

Ladder Support for Using Powerwashers

A home exterior with multi level floor must need a helper, you must get one. He could make your work much easier by moving the hoses and machines and also safer by holding the ladder.

The ladder in the workplace must be durable. Don't depend on the helper to hold your weight on the ladder. Regardless of what floor levels you are working, a durable ladder can support and carry you.

How to Use a Pressure Washer Safely?

It's great to start from the top of any sidings and then end your jet power washer going down. Start also from the inside going outside in case you are working on ground level. This can definitely push out all the dirt, grime, dust or whatever it is.

Cleaning up Outside Using Washers

Dirts or debris can be found in driveways, patios, gardens or other areas of the exterior of the house.

Power washers could cause this dirt and debris to fly everywhere if you hover the machine too close to them, so maintain a recommended distance.

Point the Pressure Washer’s Nozzle in the Right Direction

A pressure washer must be pointed to the right target surface area. Avoid pointing the nozzle to anyone in front of you or to yourself.

You will end up putting the lives of people in front of you in danger because of the extreme pressure this machine has. It can remove a human skin or even damage your body. Also it might cause other injuries.