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  1. Mop Unit 36ltr
    €149.08 €121.20
  2. Pure Yarn Cotton Mop 225g with Handle
    €11.50 €9.35
  3. Kentucky Mop 450g with Handle
    €24.54 €19.95
  4. Dustpan & Brush Set Composite
    €6.95 €5.65
  5. Pure Yarn Cotton Mop 340g with Handle
    €14.88 €12.10
  6. Squeegee Mop 8"(200mm) Deluxe
    €24.54 €19.95
  7. Squeegee Mop Head for BM06
    €8.55 €6.95
  8. Mop Bucket 15ltr - 2 Compartment
    €41.45 €33.70
  9. Mop Bucket 13ltr Galvanized
    €41.45 €33.70
  10. Mop Bucket 20ltr
    €101.41 €82.45
  11. Bucket 14ltr Galvanized
    €28.41 €23.10
  12. Broom 11"(280mm) Soft Bristle Indoor Use
    €9.96 €8.10
  13. Broom 12"(300mm) Stiff/Hard Bristle
    €14.70 €11.95
  14. Broom 12"(300mm) Soft Bristle
    €13.84 €11.25
  15. Yard Broom 13"(325mm) Stiff/Hard Bristle
    €38.38 €31.20
  16. Broom 13"(325mm) Stiff/Hard Bristle
    €27.61 €22.45
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Items 1-16 of 60

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Janitorial supplies are a selection of items that are useful when cleaning the household and allow to remove dirt in a quick and efficient manner. The category includes a wide selection of items: chemicals, equipment, clothing and other items. Some of them are absolutely necessary, the others are used for certain routines; a number of the items in Janitorial supplies category are quality of life additions to your toolbox that allow to save time and energy on mundane cleaning tasks. With a large variety of manufacturers in the modern market we have picked the top quality supplies that you may use. We offer attractive prices for our customers and ensure that you use the most reliable and efficient solutions. Our customer support specialists are always ready to consult you and provide additional information on supplies in our catalog.