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  1. Valved Funnel with Flexible Spout
    €24.54 €19.95
  2. Hose Flexible 11 x 300mm for AK443
    €13.22 €10.75
  3. Z-Swivel for AK452X, AK453X
    €79.64 €64.75
  4. Grease Control Valve with Z-Swivel for AK452X, AK453X
    €158.55 €128.90
  5. IBC Connector SEC - AdBlue®
    €61.44 €49.95
  6. Digital Flow Meter - AdBlue®
    €504.24 €409.95
  7. Manual Delivery Nozzle - AdBlue®
    €92.19 €74.95
  8. Automatic Delivery Nozzle - AdBlue®
    €691.81 €562.45
  9. Professional AdBlue® Automatic Delivery Nozzle with Digital Meter
    €976.25 €793.70
  10. Mobile Oil Drainer 36ltr Manual Discharge
    €169.06 €137.45
  11. Side Lever Grease Gun 3-Way Fill Heavy-Duty
    €46.86 €38.10
  12. Mini Grease Gun
    €22.26 €18.10
  13. Side Lever Grease Gun 3-Way Fill
    €42.99 €34.95
  14. Pistol Type Grease Gun 2-Way Fill
    €41.45 €33.70
  15. Side Lever Grease Gun 3-Way Fill
    €33.03 €26.85
  16. Pistol Type Grease Gun
    €41.45 €33.70
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Items 1-16 of 234

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Proper vehicle maintenance increases its lifespan and reduces the costs of repairs in future. The engine and transmission of every car require special maintenance, which includes oil replacement. Luckily enough modern market offers special tools to cope with this task. Triace shop provides reliable Sealey equipment for quick and effective oil replacement. Without special devices the oil flows out very slowly. But professional vacuum oil pumps significantly speed the process and save much time both for customers and for mechanics. Triace catalogue contains everything you need for lubricants pumping: oil drainers, barrel bunds, oil hoses, drum racks, digital flow meters, grease guns etc. All Sealey pumps have perfect designs and allow you to control flow pressure to avoid any risks. Visit our website to choose the reliable equipment or contact our team to get a professional advice in order to save your time.