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  1. Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean 1450
    €1,028.50 €850.00
  2. Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean 1440
    €804.65 €665.00
  3. Annovi Reverberi Proliner Z 9.160 TSS RLW
    €574.75 €475.00
  4. Annovi Reverberi Proliner S 1308
    €635.25 €525.00
  5. Annovi Reverberi VIP Revo 613
    €477.95 €395.00
  6. Annovi Reverberi Prestige-S
    €465.85 €385.00
  7. Annovi Reverberi Prestige
    €363.00 €300.00
  8. Annovi Reverberi Comfort-S
    €223.85 €185.00
  9. Annovi Reverberi Easy 110
    €119.79 €99.00
  10. Annovi Reverberi AR RW21.20H Pump
    €729.62 €602.99
  11. Annovi Reverberi AR RKV4.5G40 Pump
    €654.85 €541.20
  12. Annovi Reverberi AR SJV3G27D Pump
    €326.10 €269.50
  13. Annovi Reverberi AR XT13.15 Pump
    €417.45 €345.00
  14. Annovi Reverberi AR XW30.20 Pump
    €965.58 €798.00
  15. Annovi Reverberi AR XW15.20 Pump
    €704.10 €581.90
  16. Annovi Reverberi AR XMV3G25 Pump
    €509.77 €421.30
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Annovi Reverberi was established in 1956 as a company producing washing equipment. At the initial stage of production the company manufactured pumps for agricultural vehicles and industrial scales. Today Annovi Reverberi is one of the leaders in the production of washing units, which are widely used in factories, motor fleets, as well as in private car washing services. Moreover, user friendliness and reliability are the main reasons why many car owners have chosen Annovi Reverberi models for self-care of their vehicles.

The membrane-piston types of pumps manufactured by Annovi Reverberi remove all the contaminants from vehicles and special equipment. They can also be used for processing plants in various areas. Such pumps are also the main part of industrial washers, which are used for cleaning monuments, buildings, sidewalks and even airplanes.

The range of high-pressure devices of Annovi Reverberi has more than three dozen models of pumps, used in private households as well as car washing services. This line of equipment also includes stationary and autonomous models with various internal combustion engines, both patrol and diesel.
Annovi Reverberi is a fast growing enterprise, which uses the most modern equipment and can boast with highly professional staff. The factories of the company pay special attention to the product quality. The thorough control begins immediately at the stage of components receipt and ends only after the shipment of the products. This fact proves high reliability and exceptional quality of Annovi Reverberi’s units.

Our online shop offers the most popular Annovi Reverberi pumps of various modifications. There is also a perfect budget solution for every private household – an electric cold pressure washer. It is a very effective two-wheeled device, equipped with water filter and a detergent injection kit. The washer comes with an adjustable spray nozzle and 8 meter high pressure hose. The operation pressure is 1900 psi.